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As I mentioned, I make all my products - from start to finish.  If you have specific requests regarding colors, themes or even personalization, please email me your request and specific information.  I will gladly get back to you ASAP. 



Tooth Fairy PillowsTooth Fairy Pillows Tooth Fairy Pillows

      Tooth Fairy Pillow                               A Definite Favorite!
(click here for a close up view of some examples)
      Every young child deserves a special place for their personal Tooth Fairy wishes.
The little front pocket is the perfect size for the child to leave a tooth while waiting for their Tooth Fairy.  The message reads, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I do believe"  or  "Dear Tooth Fairy, Please look here". 
     Available in various color combinations and with different appliqué options.  Can be designed as neutral or boy / girl specific.
     Approximately 9" x 6".  Soft, poly-filled.  Surface clean only due to appliqués or 3-D decorations.
$25.00 per pillow

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>>>  Support Breast Cancer Research.......I'll donate $5.00 for each special T-shirt ordered   <<< 

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My Secret Keeper - also known as My Prayer /Meditation Box
    (click here for a close up view of several examples)  
                                                                         A Very Thoughtful Gift







  ♦  My Secret Keeper is a perfect size to tuck away your private thoughts. 

  ♦  As a Wish Box you can give it to someone to wish them well or to show them you are thinking of them.

   ♦  As a Prayer Box you write down your daily prayer (or wish) on a piece of paper and place it in the box for safe keeping.

   ♦  The Prayer Box is a safe place for children to lock away their nightmares or fears so they can rest easy as they go to bed each night.

  ♦  As a Meditation Box you write down your thought or question for the day and the box becomes a part of your daily meditation focus.  I will include a Daily Meditation thought for you when you place your order.

These Secret Keepers are a gift of love and whether you choose to keep it for yourself or give it as a gift,
it will bring years of memories.



  ♦  Aside from any deeper meaning this might represent, the box itself can be a beautiful catch-all for earrings, rings, barrettes or perhaps even loose change.

     ♦  As a gift box itself, it can be used to present a very special surprise.

     ♦  This is a wonderful gift to yourself or for that special someone.

     ♦  The Secret Keeper is approx 3.5" x 1.5"; hand painted or wood stained, decorated with either 3-D adornments or inlaid decal-like designs and has a felt-lined bottom inside.

$14.95 per box


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            View Positive Affirmation T examples                 Choose a Thought For Each Day

**shirts with imprints shown are not to scale

    Whether you choose a few to make a statement to others or to remind yourself of something, these T's are a great way to express yourself.
    Are you feeling a little overwhelmed - stressed out?  Perhaps you need a little motivation for the day?  I have used some of my personal favorite thoughts or fun sayings to create t-shirts that can be inspirational for the self or just plain fun to wear.

   The T's are available in S - M - L - XL and some 2XL.  Most imprints are placed as a shirt pocket would be (off-centered to the upper left side of the shirt).  T's come in the color best suited for the imprint unless a specific request is made at the time of the order.  I will try my best to accommodate special requests but please note, most imprints look better on lighter colors. Unless it is obvious, please indicate if the T is for a male or female.  

$19.95 per P.A.T-shirt

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