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    Shopping here is not like ordering from a catalog or on-line store since you are ordering from me personally.   I make every gift individually so there are no 2 exactly alike.   I designed my website to be very user-friendly so hopefully you can sit back, relax and browse through the products that are available here so far.  I will be adding Gifts By Nana often to make more gift items available, so I hope you will stop by regularly.  My goal is to make this as fun for you as it is for me. 

Buy a t-shirt to support breast cancer research and I will donate $5.00 per shirt to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
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 About My Company

    Basically my company is me.  I do all my own work from start to finish.  I designed this website in response to requests to make my gifts available to a wider community.   I don't do any promotional marketing but have become a regular supplier for several local gift shops.  Thus far I have received very positive feedback for which I am sincerely grateful. 

Benefits to ordering "From Nana With Love" are:

  •   having the option to personalize your gift item

  •  just have some fun here!

One important note, if you have an idea or perhaps you need a specific gift item for that special someone and are having a hard time finding exactly what you want, please send me an email and maybe we can come up with just the right gift together.  Remember, this website is just me - personally.

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