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Your Yoga  

   Your Yoga

                 Welcome to the Your Yoga web site!
We have moved to Maryland
As you browse through this site, hopefully you will come to understand what
       Your Yoga is all about...........why it is unique, what makes it so special
and how it can be so flexible. 

The Mission of Your Yoga
To help individuals find their personal path to an improved quality of life by:


                                                  recognizing and accepting the uniqueness of their 'Inner Self'
                                                  discovering inner peace and ultimately a more balanced lifestyle
                                                  improving the connection between their physical and spiritual wellbeing
                                                  exploring ways to give to themselves and share with their loved ones

In addition to traditional Yoga studies, Your Yoga incorporates the teachings of
Yahweh Yoga which is Yoga that is Christ-Centered.

I am free from criticism,

I am fearless,

I am beneath no one.

Om Shanti   ~   Shanti   


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