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    A personal note -

Over the years Yoga has been misinterpreted as a religion by some which is not the case.  However because it has been misunderstood, many people were hesitant to become involved for a variety of reasons but more specifically because they believed it would be contraindicated by the Christian Church.  Some clients have questioned the meaning behind traditional Yoga and expressed discomfort with terms such as chanting, pranayama (breathing), Namaste' (a respectful greeting), Shanti which means peace and even Om which is a universal sound or vibration.  Yahweh Yoga was established by Courtney Kutta and DeAnna Smothers who are both experienced and registered Yoga Instructors in Chandler, AZ.  They committed themselves to designing a program that provides Yoga instruction with a specific focus on the teachings of Christ.

    In 2005 I became a Certified Christian Yoga Teacher in their Teacher Training program.  It was my goal to better understand the concept behind Yahweh Yoga so that I can help the clients I work with become comfortable with Yoga as a path to a healthy lifestyle.  Taking care of oneself, meditating on daily prayer and reading scripture are important in one's spiritual growth.   I firmly believe that there is a strong body, mind and soul connection so that the health of one certainly effects the health of the other.  By incorporating Yahweh Yoga, Your Yoga provides an opportunity to attend to one's Spiritual needs while working on improving their overall physical wellbeing at the same time.


For more information on Yahweh Yoga and a wealth of Christian Yoga resources, click here to go to their website at



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