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  • Your Yoga is an individualized program, designed specifically for each person that can take place in the privacy of your home on a 1:1 basis at a time that fits your scheduling needs.  Since no two people are the same, then neither should their Yoga practice be.
  • Your Yoga is a process through which you can learn to listen to and respect your body and its limitations.
  • Your Yoga adapts and responds to your needs, accommodates your lifestyle and calms your emotional state.
  • Your Yoga is not about simply improving yourself, it is all about accepting your 'Self'.
  • Your Yoga is a tool for everyone regardless of age or physical conditioning.
  • Your Yoga is gentle; it does not hurt; it is not a competition and it is not a quick fix.
  • Your Yoga is based on the premise that we all have limitations unique to ourselves, however, regardless of whatever those limitations might be, each of us deserves the opportunity to function at our best.  So whether you are facing a high stress level on a daily basis or you have a particular medical condition that limits you in some way.
  • Your Yoga is an enlightening spiritual journey.
  • Your Yoga can work for you.

"Perceptions create reality.  By changing your perceptions, you change your reality"
Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author

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